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Air Page from Air Thai Life at the Little Juice Bar in Tokyo Train Station Tokyo JapanSirinya 'Air' Page is the founder and CEO of the very successful Koh Samui Thailand detox health resort New Leaf Detox Resort. Air is a healthy, educated, well-traveled, successful independent modern Thai woman and a natural healer. In 2012, after years of research Air launched ‘Air Thai Life’ – her line of detox products and supplements specifically formulated and produced with natural organic ingredients.

Born in Surat Thani Province in Southern Thailand to a Chinese father and a traditional Thai mother, Air is very much a blend of two cultures and credits her lifestyle and philosophy to her background. Air’s father passed away when she was 18 after a two-year battle with cancer and this time period cemented her belief in the powers of lifestyle and diet. She says, “I spent two years watching him die of cancer in the hospital and truly believe that if he had a better lifestyle and a healthier diet, he'd still be alive today. This truly made me believe - "You are what you eat.” Furthermore, Air's father was one of eight children and, since his death; four more of his siblings have passed away. Again, Air contributes diet and lifestyle to this. In sharp contrast, her mother’s family is extremely healthy and exceptionally long-lived. One of her grandmothers lived to be 105 years old and another lived to 97. Her mother is also one of eight children; conversely, she and all of her siblings are alive, in their 70s and 80s, and in good health.

Air Page from Air Thai Life at the Bali Turtle Rescue CenterAir attributes the wellbeing of her mother’s family to the food they eat – a traditional Thai diet with lots of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. She says, “From an early age I got to see the importance of diet and lifestyle on both sides of my family and how it affected them – the good and the bad. My mother is in her early 70s and is still healthy and active because of her eating habits and lifestyle. She does Tai Chi regularly and still cooks her own curries from scratch and uses no MSG or additives.” Air believes that good food doesn’t have to be expensive food - it’s all about finding a good source that is clean and fresh and that every city has them. She encourages people to take the time to find the good outlets. Air feels lucky that she lives and works in a country that is blessed with an abundance of good food choices as this makes her healthy lifestyle all the much easier.

When Air was 13, she moved to Bangkok and finished her schooling. She graduated from Ramkamhaeng University, the largest Open University in Thailand, where she studied Communications and English – and also spent an extra year studying nutrition. While she is very well traveled, Air has never lived abroad which may surprise some given her command of the English language. “I have a passion for the language,” she says, and in turn, her language skills help Air be a capable resort owner and a talented director of the detox and fasting programs. In her travels, Air has been to Europe – Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and Zurich, to the United States – Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City and all over Florida, to Australia – Sydney, and all over Asia – multiple trips to Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and the Philippines. Her favorite city… a smiling Air says “Paris.”

Air’s personal philosophy of ‘practice what you preach’ is very apparent in her healthy way of living which translates well into her professional life. She says, “I’m a realist and know we have to live in the real world, so moderation is the key. However, people do need to eat well, so I believe they should enjoy what they eat.” Air thinks one should lead by example and give people choices instead of guilt trips, and she is a walking advertisement for the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. She exercises regularly, rides a bike and goes to the gym. Air also credits diet and lifestyle to personal appearance and says if one eats and treats themselves well, they will glow from the inside – Air certainly does – and sees this happening all the time as her guests transform through the New Leaf fasting programs.

In 2005, Air spent some time at a detox center on Koh Samui and wasn’t impressed. “The detox I attended didn’t offer much information and lacked decent nutrients,” she says, “and I felt that with my nutritional background I could offer an alternative detox that produced much better results.” By 2006, Air had opened her own detox center off Lamai Beach on Koh Samui called New Leaf Detox Resort. She spent the first year working with a nutritionist and a doctor building several successful detox fasting programs and says, “We worked hard on the resort’s organic smoothie, juice, and soup choices as we really wanted them to taste great and be enjoyable.” All this ties in to her overall philosophy and mission and she says, “People seem to work harder to keep their jobs and careers and when they get home, they don’t eat correctly and go for the easy fast foods – and then feel bad about it. However, change needs to start small and be consistent. Do what makes you feel good. Set up a program and then work it! Remember, it’s not magic, so you have to put some effort into it. It pays off though – when you start feeling good, you will start looking at yourself with a more positive view. When you really start seeing the results, they motivate and a good healthy life cycle begins.

Air Page from Air Thai Life Mountain Biking on Koh Samui ThailandAir also wants people to see how a good food regime, quality supplements and detox benefits their daily lives. She realizes that it’s difficult to get people to invest in health and in quality food and cautions people about waiting too long in life to make a change. “We all have to live in today’s world which is very toxic and filled with chemicals,” she says, “it’s impossible to control this and we see people getting sick easier with more asthma and respiratory issues. We also see lots of digestive problems resulting in major issues with weight gain.”  So, her latest passion is the ‘Air Thai Life’ line of detox products and supplements, which launched in early 2012. Air believes that the products are a natural extension of what she’s already doing with the detox fasting programs and wants people to continue with a healthy lifestyle when they leave the resort. She says, “When guests take our supplements while they are at the resort, they feel the positive effects within a few days. In turn, they want to keep feeling that way, so everyone kept asking for our supplements and detox aids to take home with them.” All ‘Air Thai Life’ products are made from organic Thai and Asian herbs. Air is responsible for quality control and sourced the ingredients with a partner from all over Thailand. Air has tested all the products personally and only chose the ingredients that felt clean and made her feel good. Air plans on marketing the products internationally, starting in Asia, and add healthy snacks and beverages to the product line in the future. She believes that if people have her natural products around, it will be easier for them to maintain a healthy life.

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